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We are an indie game studio creating story-driven, cozy games.

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Our Story

n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries, and inherited craziness.

We're a team of creatives telling stories about the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Starting at UCLA, we realized that gaming could be a more immersive medium for narratives. Our most recent game is A Taste of the Past, a side-scroller about cooking Asian food, reconnecting with your ancestors, and healing.

Our Team

Emily Pitcher (she/her)
Founder, Social Media, Writer

Hey, I'm Emily! I'm a SoCal-based writer and designer interested in games about complex women, family, and hope. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, making YouTube videos, and going to concerts. My favorite games include Before Your Eyes, Night in the Woods, and Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

You can contact me [email protected]

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Caio Jiacomini (he/him)
Composer and SFX

Hi, I’m a composer, sound designer, and audio developer born and raised in Brazil. I composed the music, designed the sound effects, and implemented the audio for A Taste of the Past. I love experimenting with all the possibilities that games offer for audio interactivity and how that can be used to enhance gameplay and narrative. Besides that, I like to spend my time reading, replaying The Banner Saga trilogy, and watching obnoxiously long video essays on youtube. I had an absolute blast working on this project and hope you enjoy what we created!

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Richard Cheng (he/him)

Greetings and salutations! I'm one of the programmers for our game. I primarily worked on the mini-games and implementing the art and UI. Besides game development, I enjoy playing board games and hiking!

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Ray Hsiao - Social Media

Hello, I help with marketing and the comic on this project! I've worked on several games with Emily before and am excited to be part of this team as well. I'm a computer science student working on learning Unity, and in my free time, I enjoy running, playing viola, and fishing in Stardew Valley.


Caroline Wang (she/her)
Art and UI Designer

Hey, I'm a second-year student at UCLA currently majoring in Design Media Arts. For the games at Sondering Studio, I typically work as a UI Designer and Artist, most recently in A Taste of the Past. In my free time, I enjoy playing games with friends (such as League, Celeste, Earthbound, Stardew Valley, etc.), as well as collecting enamel pins and reading about personality types! I've also recently begun working with pixel art in preparation for my personal projects.

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Julia Lee (she/her)

Hi! I’m one of the artist in Sondering Studio. I’ve created the art for our popular games such as The Space in Between, A Taste of The Past, and “Wayfarer.” I enjoy doing art pieces from both digital and traditional methods. When not designing art for our games, I create ceramic pieces on the side and spend time with my dog (Buddy). My goal is for everyone to enjoy our games as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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Kelvin Nguyen (he/him)
Editor and Voice Over Director

Hello hello, I’m the game editor for A Taste of The Past, and I’m currently learning how to design my own games through Unity. When I’m not learning game development, I’m collecting Pokemon cards or practicing my Smash Bros skills. I had a lot of fun working with this team, and I hope you have as much fun playing our games!


Johnny Wan (he/him)

Hi I'm Johnny, I'm one of our programmers for A Tale of the Past. I'm making my way into the game industry as a gameplay programmer. I'm especially interested in designing systems and frameworks, and I'm currently working on implementing an ECS framework with C++.

Jaimi Qiu

Hello I’m Jaimi and I worked as a background painter and designer for “A Taste of the Past.” This was my first time working on a collaborative game and it was a great experience! While I may not well versed in game development, I do enjoy enjoy storytelling and plan to major in character animation!


Isabelle Szeto

Hello, I'm Izzy! I am a second-year student at UCLA currently majoring in Applied Mathematics. I enjoy drawing (mainly different characters) in my free time and have recently gotten into creating art for visual novel-esque games such as with A Taste of The Past!



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We welcome content creators and journalists to play our game. Email us if you would like an early copy of A Taste of the Past.

Our Games

A Taste of the Past

Meet Mei, a shy, Chinese-American high school student dealing with the sudden passing of her mother. After losing all of her mother's recipes, Mei embarks on a train...only to realize her ancestors have boarded as well. She must uncover her mother's recipe for traditional noodles while learning about self-love, grief, and healing.

Experience a story of growth through reliving precious moments with family and cooking. A Taste of the Past is a relatable and touching journey about holding those you love close.

Complete cute cooking minigames. Gather ingredients from your ancestors to chop vegetables, fry noodles, and wrap soup dumplings.Experience a cozy, heartwarming tale. Write poetry, talk about boy troubles, and re-discover why you started painting.Stylized hand-drawn art.Original voice acting, writing, art, and music
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The Space in Between

The Space in Between is an emotional dating sim about Asian-American identity, mental health, and stargazing.

Meet June, a spunky Chinese-American college student trying to make sense of her complicated relationship with her immigrant mother.

This is the love story between her and Miles, a quiet artist who is recovering after a harsh past with mental illness.

Set on a scenic stargazing trip, create your stories among the stars as you hear powerful narratives from the hidden ways Asian parents say “I love you” to the social isolation of depression. Our game is a vignette into modern relationships, a story that will leave you calling your close ones to tell them you love them.

Look up, let go, and take a chance on the night sky.